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Most Recent Updates: March 23, 2019
~ On-Line Since 1999 ~

For the convenience of our new and returning visitors we've added this fast-loading initial page with links to several much-visited locations within the Universe of Bagpipes web site.

This site contains information in text, pictures and sound about dozens of different kinds of bagpipes and their histories, makers and players from many countries and regions - over 200 megabytes of bagpipe material including over 1,000 graphics on over 800 separate pages.

Visit our Catalog for a short list, along with extensive descriptions, of what we think are among the very best piping products in their respective catagories, including practice chanter outfits and bagpipes by J. Dunbar Ltd., Blackwood bagpipes by Dunbar, Naill and others, upgraded Canadian "Kitchen Pipes," a fabulous "convertible" Scottish Smallpipe by John Walsh, an affordable and available Border Pipe, Drone reeds by Canning, Kinnaird, Crozier, Ezeedrone, Chanter reeds by various makers including Apps, synthetic GHB chanter reeds by Clanrye (again available!), teaching videos & tutorials by Jim McGillivray, the terrific John Cairns "Bagpipe Solutions" tutorial system and electronic chanters & electronic bagpipes by Fagerstrom (including the spectacular Fagerstrom "Technopipes")

We are excited to have added a genuine "Rembrandt etching, The Strolling Musicians"to our collection of early bagpipe prints. Click on the link for an essay on this magical image, or find it in our Special Features section. As always, feedback is welcome!

Detailed modern scholarly works about bagpipes are rare. We are honored to present in our Special Features section two new extensive profusely illustrated documents about the bagpipes of Bohemia, a doctoral thesis and a master's thesis by Dr. Michael Cwach. Great stuff!

Bagpiping returns to Nigeria! We are pleased to be able to host a page in our Special Features section about a new bagpipe pipe band in Nigeria, the Scottish Power Nigeria Pipe Band . Whether or not you are in Nigeria you will find this interesting.

We are excited to offer from our print collection beautiful antique bagpipe images printed on metal, not paper! These super-durable, classy and affordable dye-infusion metal prints are available exclusively from us. Have a look, they're really nifty!

The long-awaited Jim McGilliray tutorial "Piobaireachd Fingerwork" is now available - an essential tool for all pipers interested in the classical "Great Music" of the Highland Bagpipe.

E-Pipe Support We've posted a couple of videos to help people manage their Fagerstrom Technopipes. See them via the Technopipes page in our catalog.

Opinions! A series of "White Papers" about the state of bagpipe making and marketing, financial aspects of piping (coming soon) and related matters, expressed without regard to whose toes are trod upon...

New visitors are urged to go to the Front Page, which contains links to all the main sections of the site as well as to individual pages for thirty different kinds of bagpipes.

If you're thinking of Learning to Play the Great Highland Bagpipe, we provide extensive information, advice, tips etc., as well as the fine J. Dunbar Ltd. practice chanter outfits.

Our essay on Bagpipe Tuning, posted in the interests of public safety and sanity, has become a much-visited resource. We recommend this to all fledgling pipers, and to non-piping musicians trying to understand this mysterious instrument.

We've started a Universe of Bagpipes page on Facebook. We're not altogether sure in what direction this is headed, but for the moment there are a few things there that aren't here on this Web site.

Friends and fans of featured guests on this site can go directly to the pages about them:
Sean Folsom ~ Frans Hattink ~ Guido Iannetta

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