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Sean Folsom ~ Performance Formats

Sean Folsom
Musician, Music Historian and Performer Sean Folsom

Sean's Performances
Sean Folsom has been performing professionally for over thirty years in the United States, Europe, the British Isles and Oceania. He is not only a fine musician with an unparalleled repertoire of music and instruments, but an entertaining educator who gives his audiences much more than just music.

Sean Folsom
Sean (seated) at an executive conference

His diversity is reflected by the diversity of his audiences. He is a favorite among school children, and a favorite among high-level corporate executives. His programs are tailored to the audience and the setting. For example, at corporate meetings he often plays at the opening reception, at a formal concert, at a special program for spouses and/or children, during meeting breaks (calling the executives back into session, like a pied piper) and even at the first tee of a golf course. Each time he appears during the course of what are often multi-day events he may be playing a different instrument and wearing a different costume. Such a series of appearances may follow the development of a particular type of instrument, or the music of a particular culture or geographical area.

Sean Folsom
Sean, in costume at a corporate meeting reception
(Photograph by Lisa Luciano)

For the stage, be it in a school assembly hall, at music festival or at a private conference, Sean has developed a number of performances. A world tour of music is one. Another is a spectacular bagpipe show. The North American show is especially popular and includes American music and instruments from Native American flutes through Benjamin Franklin's glass harmonica and through the Saxophone and Banjo to the Theramin, the ancestor of the electronic synthesizer.

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Contact Information for Sean Folsom

Please note that Sean Folsom is a guest here on the Universe of Bagpipes web site (see"About This Site" if you're confused). Email and other communications for him directed to this site will eventually reach him, but he's no longer living right up the road from us here in Northern California - he's splitting his time between two places: the central California coast and central Illinois. However, he is now (finally) on-line, at least when he's not on the road performing. ~ O.S.

His email address is:


His snail-mail addresses are:

In California:

Sean Folsom
89 Quien Sabe
Carmel Valley, CA
93924 USA

Telephone: (831) 521-1616

In Illinois:

Sean Folsom
821 Kinlou Rd.
Kinmundy, IL
62854 USA

Telephone: (618) 547-3769

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