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Sean Folsom ~ Special Services

A one-of-a-kind bagpipe belonging to New York's Metropolitsan Museum of Art

A recent restoration by Sean Folsom of a one-of-a-kind antique bagpipe from Georgia (near Russia, not Mississippi). This bagpipe belongs to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, which contracted with Sean to rehabilitate and stabilize it.

~ Special Services ~
There are many bagpipes being played today that would be lying silent but for Sean's touch, and over the years he has become a master at getting these sometimes extremely obstinate instruments into working order. An integral part of playing any bagpipe is dealing with its reeds, and here too Sean has applied his skill and patience to help those of us (including this writer) who are often tempted to throw a bag of squalling screeching sticks into the fireplace. He is a master reed maker, and has had success even with the most difficult challenge of all - making reeds for a pipe without any references or old reeds to work from.

While most such activity is carried out by Sean for the sake of his own instruments, he is available on a limited basis to help with the seemingly insoluble problems we pipers sometimes encounter. To arrange for a consultation, see the contact information below.

Contact Information for Sean Folsom

Please note that Sean Folsom is a guest here on the Universe of Bagpipes web site (see"About This Site" if you're confused). Email and other communications for him directed to this site will eventually reach him, but he's no longer living right up the road from us here in Northern California - he's shifted his base of operations to central Illinois (though he's still often on the coast). However, he is now (finally) on-line, at least when he's not on the road performing. ~ O.S.

His email address is:


His snail-mail address is:

Sean Folsom
821 Kinlou Rd.
Kinmundy, IL
62854 USA

His telephone number there is:

(618) 547-3769

Again, that's contact information for Sean Folsom: To contact this site or its owner Oliver Seeler, use the links at the bottom of most pages.

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