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Books About Bagpipes

We welcome additions to this list. At present, it includes mainly works in the libraries of Oliver Seeler (the author of this website and producer of the CD Bagpipes of the World) and Sean Folsom (music historian and the artist on the CD). It does not include articles in those periodicals not focused on bagpipes, and for the moment concentrates on publications dealing primarily on pipes other than the Scottish Great Highland (that pipe being the subject of much material easily referenced elsewhere).

Occasionally an entry may be accompanied by a comment. These, unless otherwise noted, are the opinion of the site author. Many of these works are out of print and/or difficult to obtain; we cannot help locate copies (although in the future this site may contain a wanted/for sale section).

With apologies to our bibliophile and librarian friends and for ease of use, the following list deviates a bit from conventional style. It's also out of alphabetical order at the moment, which will be fixed shortly.

The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker, Robinson, Trevor (U. of Mass. Press, 1973) 115pp.; not on bagpipes as such but applicable and a classic starting point for the subject.
The Story of the Bagpipe; Flood, W.H. Grattan (Scribner, London & N.Y., 1911) 237pp., illustrated w. engravings; a useful but controversial early work.
Bagpipes; Baines, Anthony; (Oxford, 1967) 140pp. plus plates; long the standard reference, now available in an updated edition (entry to follow).
A Checklist of Bagpipes; Libin, Laurence et al (Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.,1977) 22pp.; a catalog with drawings of the Met's then collection.
Woodwind Instruments and their History; Baines, Anthony (Norton, N.Y., 1963 (copyright 1957)) 384pp.; moderate amount on bagpipes as such, but much relevant material.
The Bagpipe - the history of a musical instrument; Collinson, Francis (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1975) 257pp.; heavy on the British Isles.
Syntagma Musicum II - De Organoographia; Praetorius, Michael (Facsimile, 3rd ed. : Barenreiter Kassel, Basel, 1968)
Van vedelaars, trommersen, pijpers; Spruit, J.E. (Utrect, 1969) 141pp.; in Dutch.
Hungarian Folk Songs and Folk Instruments; Ortutay, Gyula (editor) (Corvina Press/Hungarian Nat'l Commission for Unesco, Budapest, 1969) 70pp. plus plates.
May It Fill Your Soul; Rice, Timothy (U. of Chicago Press, 1994) 370 pp. plus inserted audio CD; a great deal of interesting informatin on Bulgarian music and in particular Bulgarian bagpipes.
Bagpipes and Tunings, Podnos, Theodor (Detroit Monographs in Musicology, Detroit, 1974) 125pp.; rich in information & graphics.
Libro Per Scriver L'Intavolatura Per Sonare Sopra Le Sordelline (Savona 1600); Tarrini, Ferris & van de Meer (Facsimile & Commentary: Savona, 1995) 299pp.
Catalogo Meseo Internacional de la Gaita (Gijon, 1965) 152 pp.; there is a more recent edition of this.
The Northumbrian Bagpipes; Cox, W.A. & Bryan, J.F. (Northumbrian Pipers' Society, Newcastle 1967) 32pp. plus plans; I believe there's an updated edition of this.
Der Dudelsack in Europa; various authors (Bayerisher Landesverein fur Heimatpflege, Munich, 1996); 103pp.; companion book to exhibition of the same name. Despite title, covers many pipes other than the dudelsack.
Sackpfeifen in Schwaben; Schmidt, Ernst E. et al (Stuttgart, 1997) 123pp.; beautifully done, focused on iconography but also many photos, musical scales, etc. of various bagpipes.
A Compleat Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe; MacDonald, Joseph (1971 reprint of the 1927 edition of the 1803 work: Scolar Press, Menston) 36pp.
De Doedelzak; Boone, Hubert (Brussels, 1983) 116pp.
Utriculus; Italian bagpipe journal, quarterly - see "resources" section of this site.

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