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This Entire Web Site on CD-ROM

As this site continues to grow - it's now well over 50 megabytes and contains over 1,000 files, including some 800 graphics - it becomes more and more difficult to view all of it efficiently on-line. We've been asked to again make a CD-ROM of the entire site available, so here it is. These CD-ROMs are individually burned at the time of order on archival-grade branded CD-R blanks and include a custom-printed dated label (with your name printed on it if you wish) and a jewel case.

The CD-ROM is a true mirror of the web site as it stands at the time of your order. Thus to view the site you simply launch your browser, off-line, and point it at the default file on the CD. From there, navigation through the graphics, sound and text files proceeds just as it does on-line. Basic instructions are printed on the label and more detailed instructions are included in a readme.txt file on the disk. The CD is formatted to work on both PC and MAC platforms. Should you have any difficulty, we will help you by email or phone.


The CD-ROM is the same price as our audio CD album, Bagpipes of the World - US $16.95 plus $2.95 for shipping via 1st class mail (domestic US & Canada) for a total 0f $19.90. It can be ordered directly from us by mail, or by credit card via this web site.

Special Credit Card Ordering Instructions:

Because we do not want to confuse our audio CD credit card customers, we do not have the CD-ROM listed on our secure credit card ordering site. If you want to order the CD-ROM by credit card, simply put in an order for the audio CD and make a note in the provided "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" area that it is the CD-ROM that you want. As already mentioned, the price is the same.

credit cards now accepted worldwide
For secure credit card ordering, click here

~ OR ~

To order by mail, send $19.90 to:

Universe of Bagpipes CD-ROM
P.O. Box 447
Albion, CA 95410 USA

We are happy to accept your U.S. funds in a personal check, money order, or cash.

Please make your check or money order payable to the producer, Oliver Seeler.

Be sure to include your clearly written shipping address with your order. If you provide an email address we will notify you when your CD-ROM is shipped; in any event, you can expect it to be in the mail very shortly after the arrival of your payment.

International orders: We are happy to accept international orders. Shipping (by postal airmail) & handling for Canadian orders is the same as for U.S. orders - $2.95. For all other countries, please include $4.95 for shipping (again, via postal airmail) and handling. Payment must be in U.S. dollars in the form of a bank check, international postal money order or similar instrument, or cash. We now also accept credit cards from overseas - see credit card link above. If these payment options (or postal delivery) are not suitable for you, please contact us and we'll try to work something out. Please be sure to send your printed or typed name and address exactly as it is to appear on your package.

Delivery Guarantee: We will send a replacement on receipt of a signed statement that a CD-ROM was damaged or lost in transit.

Contact: Email: use the mail-links on these pages (the address is bagpipes@hotpipes.com). If you have any questions too involved for email, please feel free to call us at (U.S.) 707-937-1626. That's the home phone of the producer and author of this site. Please mind the time of day - we're on the U.S. West Coast (GMT minus 8 hours). English and German spoken.

~ Thank you for your interest! ~

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