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~ Bagpipe After a 17th Century Dutch Tile ~

"This bagpipe is a copy of an instrument I saw on a 17th century tile on a wall in the center of Amsterdam [as seen in the below collection and on the background of this page].

"The drones and stock are made from "Elsbeere" (its German name), and the chanter is "Rosepallisander" wood. The key of this instrument is G-c and the drones are tuned in G-g. The bagpipes used in the Netherlands were also tuned in fifths. The position of the drones differ; sometimes you find them carried on the shoulder and other times they are positioned more to the front or pointing in the air. On old paintings by Brueghel, Jeroen Bosch and Jan Steen you find fine examples."
~ Frans Hattink

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