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~ Cornemuse Bourbonnais ~

"In the center of France, in departments like Indre & Allier, you find fine examples of pewter inlayed bagpipes. The well-known woman writer George Sand wrote in her books about bagpipe players and competitions there. During the 18th and early 19th century the technique of pewter and encarved bagpipes was perfected. A well-known maker was Jean Sautivet (1796-1867). I made this big and low D Cornemuse Bourbonnais in Rosewood pallisander. The pattern of pewter inlay is a traditional one I saw in a museum in Montlucon. The little drone is parallel to the chanter and tuned in d. The big drone is also in D. The modern types of these bagpipes have a note under the tonic. The old types have a half-note under the tonic, which is in my opinion and in the opinion of the cornemuse expert Maup Lutgerink a much nicer and musically more logical solution.

The right-hand photo shows a close up of the block. It looks like small palm trees and the crossed lines are typical for the designs you find it the art of inlay. Mostly there is a relationship to Christian symbols like a cross or monstrans."
~ Frans Hattink

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