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~ Swedish Sackpipa ~

"Of all the bagpipes I have made ,there is one which is my favorite: the sackpipa or Swedish bagpipe. It is a very archaic instrument. You can see the history and basic shape in the style and in the sound. Most of the western European instruments are made with conical chanter bores, but the Swedish is cylindrical. This gives the instrument its sweet but also earthly sound. Even the key, A minor, is rare. Together with the violin it is a joy to listen to, and a good example that outside and image are not the real thing. I made this instrument from a wood of which I don't know the English name. It is a small tree which stays green in winter - the red small berries are strong and poisonous. The leaves are strong and there are points on the edges. We use the leaves for Christmas. In Sweden the wood they use is birch, which is very strong and slow-growing." ~ Frans Hattink

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