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Team Hattink: Frans, Fokje, Imke, Abe & Billy
New addition to Team Hattink: Every bagpipe maker has a support crew (often headed by an incredibly patient wife). Here is Frans with his newest apprentice, Abe (being held by his Chief of Staff and wife Fokje); on the left is Minister of Transportation Imke, who happens to be Abe's mother, while Secretary of Defense Billy (at bottom in white uniform) keeps the area secure.

May 12, 2000: Frans has completed a Brueghel-type bagpipe which is to be presented to an American piper by a group of friends as a birthday surprise, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream.
May 27, 2000: A big parade of more than 4000 participants walked the avenues of Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is the cultural capital of Europe this year and for that reason there was a "Zinneke" parade. ("Zinneke" is another word for street-dog.) All types of performances were gathered, like dancing, djembe, jazz, ethnic music, theatre and 45 bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy players. The costumes were designed by local artists. ~ F.H. For two photos of the parade, click here.
June 19, 2000: A group of children from the basic school " De Arke" in Friesland will give a concert for parents and friends. They had a bagpipe course for three months, playing the stars from the sky. This project was subsidized by the Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak, giving the children the possibility to discover the bagpipe as a musical instrument. ~ F.H. For a photo of the group and the story in Dutch, click here.

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