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Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe
Model P3 by Dunbar Ltd. of Canada

A J. Dunbar Model P3
J. Dunbar Ltd, of Canada, Model P3 Great Highland Bagpipe
The Model P3 is discussed in detail on its own page and most of the information about the P1 also applies.

While we try to keep at least some Dunbar pipes on hand for immediate shipment, buying a bagpipe - a real one, not the worthless junk of dubious lineage flooding eBay and hawked elsewhere by numerous uncaring vendors - is not like running out and buying a loaf of bread. There are a number of options, enhancements and upgrades available for Dunbar pipes (some of them free) and it is impossible for us (or any dealer) to keep all configurations in stock.

Therefore what most usually happens, and is of the most benefit to the customer, is a discussion with us by email or phone of exactly what is desired and needed. It usually takes about two weeks for a pipe to be configured and ready for shipment. This is very short wait to get your pipe set up exactly the way it should be for you. Many dealers don't even let potential customers know that there are options available; perhaps they're afraid of losing an immediate sale, or they just don't want to be bothered. But here, above all else we want you to be completely satisfied and a short discussion is the only way to be sure that's going to happen.

The pipe shown above is fitted with a custom tartan bag cover, as described on the options and enhancements page. Standard with the P3 is a solid-color velvet cover and tasselled wool drone-cords, as seen on the P1 page. Other cover, cover trim and cord colors are available at no extra charge - again, please see the enhancements page

The P3 is shipped with a set of professional-quality cane drone reeds and a cane chanter reed. If you are new to piping we suggest you read the material about reeds on the enhancements page .

The price for the complete Model P3 bagpipe is only

U.S. $895.00

plus $24.00 shipping (our cost!), via insured U.S. Priority Mail (domestic U.S.)

An Important Note About Our Prices

Beware: Some dealers simply do not post their prices, and base quotes on the exchange rate at the time of order. Others post prices, but then ask for a higher amount. Some try to avoid the issue by charging high shipping fees and/or by offering incomplete instruments (no reeds, bag cover, etc.). You will find out-of-the-way disclaimers on some sites stating that prices are subject to variation.

We believe that our customers deserve to know what they'll be paying from the beginning. The prices posted on this site are firm.

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We can offer modest discounts on quantity purchases of some items - feel free to inquire.


We stock what we sell. Occasionally there are unpredictable runs on items, and/or short re-supply delays. If an item is going to be out of stock for more than a few days you will find a notice to that effect at the top of this box. Fine bagpipes and bagpipe accessories are made in small lots by meticulous craftspeople, not mass-produced & warehoused, and buying them should not be viewed like zipping down to the 7-Eleven for a six-pack. Feel free to ask us to reserve items for you, even if you're not quite ready to order - it will help us, and avoid a possible delay for you.


Domestic (US) Shipping: We usually ship the next business day after an order is received. We normally ship by U.S. Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, except for small items such as reeds and CDs which are normally shipped First Class. Standard shipping costs are listed with each item's price. We do not attempt to profit on shipping and charge no "handling" fees or such. Our packages are insured by a private company (DSI Insurance) so no signature is required on delivery of most packages. (This also means packages can be left if no one is home - a good thing for most people, but if that might be a problem please let us know.) Priority Mail has been very reliable and fast, taking three days or less to cross the country. If faster shipping is required we can provide Express Mail (two days from here to most US locations) or Federal Express - but be aware that these services are pricey. If you are ordering more than one item, please contact us for shipping costs, which will be less than the total of the respective amounts. We guarantee delivery and in the very rare event of a lost or damaged shipment, we send a replacement first and worry about the insurance etc. later. We ship to APO and other military addresses at no extra charge.

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We stand by everything we offer, as do the manufacturers and our suppliers. We sell only properly made, high-quality items in the first place, so problems are altogether rare. In the unlikely event of any difficulties, you will be dealing with us on an immediate and personal level. If necessary, we will deal with the maker or distributor of the item on your behalf - we are a major customer of most of them, and have a bit of clout. We (and the makers of the items we sell) are keenly interested in maintaining our hard-won reputations for quality and excellent service, and we do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy!

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Always feel free to ask questions and thanks for your interest!

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