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Poland ~ Silesia

cylindrical-bore chanter, single-blade reed; one cylindrical-bore drone, single-blade reed

General Comments:

One of several Polish bagpipes on these pages, the Gajdy is superficially quite similar to the Bohemian Bock (pipe #1).

Musical Notes:

The low A (the botom note) on the chanter can be sounded between the melody notes throughout a tune; the ear will percieve this as though another drone were present. This technique, known by the French word picotage, adds considerable character to the music and can be employed on a number of eastern and western bagpipes, including several in this collection.

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

The Silisian Gajdy (pronounced guy'-dee) being played by Sean Folsom
Another carved goat's head serving as a chanter stock.

Many Eastern European bagpipes employ carved goat's-heads as chanter stocks.
The chanter bell, made of carved wood rather than the cow horn more commonly found on this general sort of bagpipe.

Note the little key near the bottom of the chanter main bore; this allows the lowest (bell) note of the chanter to be tuned.
A section of the drone, showing the poured-inlay of pewter-like metal. This is applied before the final lathe turning of the parts; the wood and metal are then finished together.

The inlay is somewhat crude on this pipe; sometimes this same technique can be seen very finely and intricately done, notably on certain French bagpipes.
A view of the bellows oulet, showing the leather flap-valve that keeps air from the bag from re-entering the bellows.

Valves of this sort are a nearly universal feature of both bellows and blowpipes.

Photographs & Text Copyright 1999 - 2002, Oliver Seeler,

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