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Hungary ~ Paloc

cylindrical-bore chanter, single-blade reed, with parallel cylindrical-bore drone-like two-note "contra" chanter, single-blade reed;
cylindrical-bore bass drone, single-blade reed

General Comments:

This is a most interesting and handsome bagpipe, and a great sounding one to boot. It has a number of features found singly in other pipes, but rarely together - a "flea-hole" that allows extra notes to be played, a secondary "contra" chanter that allows strong rhythm to be added to the music by alternating its two notes (called "vamping') and last but not least some very nice decorative work.

Musical Notes:

This is one of the very few bagpipes ever known to have been used for military purposes - the most prominent of those being of course the Great Highland Bagpipe pipe. The second of the two tunes on this pipe's track on the CD, "Verbunk," was used for military recruiting.

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

The Hungarian Duda (pronounced doo'-dah) being played by Sean Folsom.
The double chanter; the side to the left in the photo acts as accompanyment, playing continuously one of two notes.

The fingered part of the chanter has been rotated toward the camera.
A detail of the drone.

The poured and turned pewter-like metal inlay, as seen on several bagpipes in this collection, is here nicely executed.
Another member of Sean Folsom's goat-herd.

The brass-work is particularly attractive.
The two deeply-seated single-blade reeds in the double-chanter, and the bass drone reed.

Photographs & Text Copyright 1999 - 2002, Oliver Seeler,

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