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Poland ~ Wielkopolska

cylindrical bore chanter, single-blade reed; folded cylindrical bore drone, single-blade reed

General Comments:

This is another typical eastern European bagpipe that in appearance at least is related to several others in this collection. It shares the feature of a folded bass drone with the Bohemian Bock (pipe no.1). This pipe remains today the most popular and widely played in Poland. It is often heard together with a violin.

Musical Notes:

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

The Polish Duda being played by Sean Folsom. The bass drone placement is unusual but practical.
Another member of Sean's goat-herd.

This pipe is presently mounted in a sewn bag, rather than a goatskin. the little roll of leather partially visible to the left of the goat is one of a pair, padding the sides of the bag's seam at the point at which it is tied onto the stock; the function of these pads, which are used on many sewn bags, is to help make the area airtight.
The folded section of the drone. While making the instrument compact - an important consideration for pipers embedded in the midst of celebrants - it also means the drone must be tuned by adjusting the reed rather than via, say, simple sliding sections.

The construction is interesting but not as sophisticated as that of the Bohemian Bock.
Straightforward deeply-seated single blade reeds power both the chanter and drone. Note blob of tuning wax on the drone reed tongue.

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