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France ~ Auvergne
conical bore chanter, double-blade reed; cylindrical bore drone, double-blade reed

General Comments:

The Cabrette, as can be seen immediately below, is a very versatile bagpipe. It is also an interesting pipe structurally. The visually tricky connection between the chanter and the drone is emphasized by the carved chanter stock - in some examples this carving is very elaborate, often in the shape of a head.

Musical Notes:

The scales and key signatures given may be regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and relative pitch.

Sean Folsom playing the Cabrette.
The artistic style of union of the chanter and drone is not unique to this pipe - a similar connection can be seen between the two chanters of the French Musette de Cour (pipe no. 25).

The old caveat against wearing brown shoes with a black suit didn't bother the maker of this handsome bagpipe ...
The chanter (top) and drone double-blade reeds.

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