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The Universe of Bagpipes is now in its sixth year. In that time, several hundred other sites have established links to this site. Notwitstanding the below comments, it is time to reciprocate and so a new page of reciprocal links has been established. Our own personal list of links will remain below, on this page.

When the Universe of Bagpipes was first established it included an elaborate structure to catalog links to other bagpipe web sites. However, this has become pointless, I'm happy to say, because of the excellent work of Bob Dunsire and his remarkable Bagpipe Web Directory which contains over 3,000 links (!) to bagpipe related web sites. These links are not only well organized, but Bob checks them regularly for function.

The majority of bagpipe sites on the WWW and thus the majority of links, but by no means all of them, on Bob's Bagpipe Web Directory are focused on the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe and its builders, sellers, teachers and players. For links to such sites, go directly to the front page of

Bob Dunsire's Bagpipe Web Directory

If you are interested in links to sites dealing with bagpipes other than the Great Highland Bagpipe, again there is no better place to start (and finish) than Bob's site. For example, his non-Highland link lists include:

the Bagpipe Web Directory "Other Bagpipes"

the Bagpipe Web Directory "Uilleann Pipe" Links;

the Bagpipe Web Directory "Bagpipes Pages in Other Languages"

There's more tucked away here and there among Bob's extensive lists; go have a look, it's a simply amazing place.

Below is an annotated list of our own of links to bagpipe sites - sites with which we here at the Universe of Bagpipes have some sort of relationship - personal, business, or whimsical. This list is arbitrary, capricious and in no particular order. If you feel you've been left out, please contact us.