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The Universe of Bagpipes is now in its sixth year. In that time, several hundred other sites have established links to this site and thus this page of reciprocal links has been established. Sites with links to us will be added as time permits. The listings are divided into two groups, sites that are primarily bagpipe-related and those that are focused elsewhere.

(Note: Aside from the following list, there is another group of annotated bagpipe links here, consisting of useful sites we want to bring to your attention for various reasons.)

Webmasters with links to us: If you are not yet on this list, please let us know. Also please let us know the address you are using in your link to our site. The address should be www.hotpipes.com. (or http://www.hotpipes.com). This is our permanent domain name. Our older address is http://mcn.org/2/oseeler/bagpipes/ . Either address works at this time, but we request that you use the domain name address and change your link to it. This is important for us, and will assure that in the future your link will remain valid. Webmasters, an asterisk after your link indicates that your site is still using the old URL.

The only criteria for sites to be included in the below list is that they maintain a link to us; while we applaud the good taste of everyone who has seen fit to link to us (grin), inclusion here does not imply any endorsement of a site's content by The Universe of Bagpipes.

Note: The list is short so far, as you see - it's a lot of work & will take time to compile.

Bagpipe-related web sites with links to The Universe of Bagpipes:

Other (non-bagpipe) web sites with links to The Universe of Bagpipes:

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