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The Music of Sean Folsom: The Instruments
~ Flutes ~

23. Xiao (China); 24. Shakuhachi (Japan); 25. Quena (Bolivia); 26. Tarka (Bolivia); 27. Qasba (Morocco); 28. Khlui (Thailand); 29. Tin Whistle (England, by Clarke); 30. Frulya (Croatia); 31. Dvojnice (Croatia); 32. Su-ling (Java, Indonesia); 33. Kavali (Transylvania, Hungary-Romania); 34. Frulya (Drava River, Croatia-Hungary); 35. Frulya (Debrecen, Hungary); 36. Fobial (Mallorca, Spain); 37. Galoubet (SE France); 38. Cho-tonka (Native North American, Lakota); 39. Kaval (Bulgaria); 40. Ney (Egypt); 41. Mansur Ney (Egypt); 42. La-La (Native North American, Pomo); 43. Fife (U.S.A.); 44. Ti-tzu (China); 45. Flute (6-key) (U.S.A., 19th century); 46. Flute (Germany, 19th century, by H.F.Meyer); 47. Antara (panpipes) (Bolivia, Quechua people); 48. Siku (panpipes) (Ecuador, Ayamara people); 49. Gemshorn (bass, in F) (Germany, renaissance); 50. Gemshorn (alto, in F) (Germany, renaissance); 51. Tchpali (iguana shape) (Mexico, Maya); 52. Tchpali (man shape) (Mexico, Maya); 53. Ocarina (head shape) (South America, Inca); 54. Ocarina (panpipe player) (South America, Inca); 55. Ocarina (in G) (Italy); 56. Katanga manu (bird call) (New Zealand, Maori); 57. Ko auau (New Zealand, Maori); 58. Flute (alto, in A) (U.S.A., 18th century); 59. Wot (rotary panpipe) (Thailand).

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