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The Music of Sean Folsom: The Instruments
~ Shawms & Oboes ~

13. Bombarde (Britany, France); 14. Piffero (in G) (Scapoli, Italy); 15. Piffero (in F) (Scapoli, Italy); 16. Piffero (in E) (Scapoli, Italy); 17. Sahnai (in F) (NW India); 18. Sahnai (in G) (NW India); 19. Bagpipe chanter (in D) (Bourbonais, France); 20. Bagpipe chanter (in G) (Auvergne, France); 21. "Musette" (Folk Oboe) (in G) (France, 19th century); 22. Oboe (Germany, by Kohlert, 1964).

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