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The Music of Sean Folsom: The Instruments
~ Shawms ~

1. Chirimia (Guatemala); 2. Ghaita (Moroco); 3. Mizmar (Tunesia); 4. Sib (Egypt); 5. Zumari (Kenya); 6. Kaba Zurna (Turkey); 7. Zurna (in A-flat) (Turkey); 8. Sorna (Iran); 9. Sharnai (Pakistan); 10. Rgya-Gling (Tibet); 11. Pi nai (Thailand); 12. So-na (China).

Note that some shawms (nos. 1,2,8,10,12) are equipped with a "pirouette," a small disk, usually made of metal, just below the reed. The player's lips rest against this, rather than against the blades of the reed itself, as is the case with the remaining shawms. Thus there are two very distinct ways in which these instruments are sounded. The above photo of Sean and his evil twin Sean illustrates the two techniques.

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