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The Music of Sean Folsom: The Instruments
~ Free Reeds - Harmonica & Accordion ~

79. Concertina (56 keys) (England, by Wheatstone); 80. Accordion (continental chromatic) (U.S.A., San Francisco, by G. Galleazzi & Sons); 81. Naw (reed harmonica) (SE Asia, Karen people); 82. Qeej (SE Asia, Hmong people) 83. Concertina (48 keys) (England, by Lachenal); 84. Accordion (chromatic) (Italy, Castel Fidardo, by Paolo Soprani); 85. Sheng (in D) (China); 86. Naw (Karen people); 87. Khaen (NE Thailand, Lao people).

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