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"Each [native tune] is a model of high artistic perfection. I regard them as so many masterworks in miniature, as I do a Bach fugue, or a Motzart sonata in the world of the larger forms." - Bela Bartok

Sean Folsom has been performing for schools and entire school districts throughout California for the past 27 years. His knowledge of multicultural ethnic musical instruments and history encompassess just about every ethnic group resident in California. These peoples are represented by Sean's musical instruments from the Native American, Hispanic, African, Asian, Oceanic and European traditions - the flutes, pipes, strings and percussion instruments from virtually every country on earth foster cultural awareness of the commonality of music as an international language. Speaking of language, Sean can give his presentations in English, Spanish or even French.

Sean in a California classroom
Sean Folsom with students in a California classroom.
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Sean performs for students of all ages, from pre-school to university. Incidentally, if he is booked into more than one school in a district for his 45-minute K-through-3 presentation, he'll give an one-hour presentation for the higher grades at no additional cost.

Sean encourages student participation by passing out drums, tambourines and scallop shells to eager volunteers, and often by organizing a circle dance around himself as he plays a bagpipe or one of about 100 other melodic instruments. He also has children sing along on choruses, explains things such as clapping along in 7/4 time - and for those who only play a boom-box, Sean has a replica radio-like Theramin that students can play by merely waving their hands at it, without touching anything!

Sean has developed residency programs that highlight instrument making, dancing, singing, playing instruments and in which students are encouraged to bring their own recordings to class and/or to give their own presentations. The residency programs reinforce learning in subjects including English and other languages, history, geography and the sciences. Residency programs typically run for two to four weeks and can be tailored to a specific school's needs.

Sean also conducts school-related one-day adult workshops for teachers (and sometimes parents) on topics directly applicable to educational purposes, such as the building of simple instruments (for example pan pipes) in the classroom environment.

California schools in Santa Maria, Porterville, Avenal, Lindsey, Carmel, San Leandro, Middletown, Benicia, Berkeley - to name a few - have availed themselves of Sean's services. To discuss a performance or residency program at your school, contact Sean directly (see box below).

Contact Information for Sean Folsom

Please note that Sean Folsom is a guest here on the Universe of Bagpipes web site (see"About This Site" if you're confused). Email and other communications for him directed to this site will eventually reach him, but he's no longer living right up the road from us here in Northern California - he's shifted his base of operations to central Illinois (though he's still often on the coast). However, he is now (finally) on-line, at least when he's not on the road performing. ~ O.S.

His email address is:


His snail-mail address is:

Sean Folsom
821 Kinlou Rd.
Kinmundy, IL
62854 USA

His telephone number there is:

(618) 547-3769

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