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~ Spoon No. 13 ~

This is the Mother of All Bagpipe Spoons! A full 9 inches of solid silver, with full detailing of the figures and handle on both the obverse and reverse (those are snotty ways of saying "front" and "back"). The origin of this marvelous spoon is at the moment obscure. It was presented by an antique dealer as German, which is possible, but it may also be French or Dutch. It carries a maker's mark, as yet unidentified, but no conventional hallmarks. It almost certainly dates to the last part of the 19th century. In any event, it is a spectacular spoon, both in size and artistry.

For some scale - in Big Mama's bowl rests the little French demitasse spoon, No. 4.

Detail of the piper and fiddler.

A fanciful bagpipe on the handle below the musicians.

The reverse.

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