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"Bagpipes of the World" CD

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~ Production Notes ~

Bagpipes of the World ~ Sean Folsom

Session at Temple Studio, Albion California

Some notes on the production of the CD album

The CD album Bagpipes of the World was recorded at Temple Studio (telephone 707.937.0194, email ptemple@mcn.org), owned and operated by Peter Temple in Albion, California, a small coastal community about 100 miles north of San Francisco in Mendocino County. Equipment used included various large diaphragm condenser microphones feeding through tube microphone pre-amps and optical compressors into Alesis XT ADAT format digital tape recorders. Subsequent preliminary mixing was carried out on Peter's Tascam analog 8-bus board and the result was transferred first to DAT format tape (on a Sony studio-grade DAT recorder) and then directly (that is, without a digital-analog-digital conversion) onto CD-R. This was then offloaded onto a PC for final editing by Oliver Seeler, using several sound editing programs, and then another CD-R, the final master, was burned by him. This was shipped to CDman Inc. of Vancouver, Canada and duplicated in quantity by industry standard process.

The tracks with accompanying instruments (#2, vielle; #6, drums; #10, bombarde; #11, harp; #16, piffero; #23, vielle; #26, drums), with the exception of #10, were recorded "live," that is, simultaneously rather than being overdubbed. On the tracks with drums, an isolation booth was used and the drums were recorded on their own tracks to allow subsequent balancing. On track #10, biniou and bombarde, the bombarde was overdubbed onto the biniou. While recording "live" required more takes than perhaps would have been the case had overdubbing been used, we feel the results made it well worthwhile.

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