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Bagpipes of the World ~ Sean Folsom

On the cover: Sean Folsom with a huge Italian Zampogna

Below is the track and title list of the CD album Bagpipes of the World, as it appears on the pages of the cover insert. It should be mentioned that the music on the album was chosen in large part to convey the character of the pipes, this being after all a survey of bagpipes, not of bagpipe music as such. Likewise, in those pieces with traditional accompanying instruments, the bagpipe is always heard solo at the beginning so that it is not lost to the listener. Notwithstanding these factors, the music played is traditional and appropriate to each bagpipe.

The track order was developed to provide variety if the CD is played straight through. We considered grouping the pipes by type or geography, but decided that it would be easy enough for listeners with particular interests to program their CD players as desired.

We hope and expect that you will enjoy this unique album - the culmination of three decades of dedicated effort by Sean Folsom.

KEY: Song#. Pipe Name (Alt. Name); Country ~ Region; "Tune Name" (type); Other; Time

1. Ceske Dudy (or Bohemian Bock); Czech Republic ~ Bohemia; "Sean's Call to the Pipes" (composed by Sean Folsom) "Rejovaka" (dance); 1:45

2. Grand Cornamuse and vielle; France ~ Bourbonnais; "Rigadon Bressan" "Ton Ruban Bleu"; with Arrigo D'Albert on Vielle a Roue (wheel-fiddle) in D; 3:33

3. Gaida; Macedonia; "Tune for Kosovo" (composed by Sean Folsom); 1:09

4. Surdulina (or Zampogna or Karamuxia); Italy ~ Calabria; "Grazie a Francesco" (composed by Sean Folsom) "Tarantella N. Calabrese"; 1:39

5. Northumbrian Smallpipe, 19th century style with 7-keyed chanter; Northeastern England; "Johnny Armstrong" (ballad air) "Proudlock's Hornpipe"; 1:28

6. Gaita and drum; (Gaita Gallega); Spain ~ Galicia; "Ben Sabe" (Cantiga no.179) "Two Jotas" "Three Munieras"; with Peter White on percussion; 5:36

7. Gajdy (Slaski Gajdy); Poland ~ Silesia; "Goral Tunes"; 1:06

8. Chevrette; France ~ Limousins; "Improvisation" "Gigue" (jig); 1:26

9. Chiaramedda (Zampogna); Italy ~ Sicily; "Two Tarantellas"; 1:49

10. Biniou and bombard (Biniou Koz); France ~ Brittany; "Breton Wedding March"; with bombard (oboe-type woodwind), playing an octave below the biniou; 0:32

11. Piob Uilleann and harp (Uilleann or Union Pipe) in C; Ireland; "Bean An ‘Ir Rua" "Morgan Magan"; with Sharon Folsom on circa 1790 single-action pedal harp; 3:58

12. Duda; Hungary ~ Paloc; "Dunantul Songs" "Verbunk" (dance); 1:52

13. Tulum; Turkey; "Taksim" "Horon" (dance); 1:34

14. Dudelsack; Low Countries/Germany/Austria; "Clarionet Allemande" "Cobbler's Jig"; 1:55

15. Great Highland Bagpipe (An Piob Mhor); Scotland ~ Highlands; "Busk Busk Bonnie Lass" (song air) "Faill Illo Agus O'Ro Eille" (waulking song) "The Kilt is My Delight" (reel); this Highland pipe is in the classic key of A rather than the common modern B-flat; 2:11

16. Zampogna di Scapoli and piffero; Italy ~ Molise; "Piva, Piva" (carol) "Tarantella Senza Fine"; with Michael Hubert on piffero (oboe-type woodwind); 2:58

17. Kaba Gaida; Bulgaria ~Rodope Mountains; "Improvisation" " Rachenitsa"; 1:39

18. Northumbrian Smallpipe, with 18th century style keyless chanter; Northeastern England; "Fortune Is My Foe"; 1:11

19. Surle; Northern Croatia; "Herd Them, Playboys"; vocal, Sean Folsom; 0:43

20. Duda; Poland ~ Wielkopolska; "Two Polkas"; 0:52

21. Sakpipa; Sweden ~ Dalarna; "Jag Unnar Dig Anda Allt Gott" (song air) "Dalarna Dance Tune"; 1:43

22. Piob Uilleann (Uilleann or Union Pipe) Ireland; "An Cailin Deas" (song air) "The Mountain Road" (reel) "Anything For John Joe" (reel); this pipe is in D, built by Taylor Bros. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 1890; 2:32

23. Cabrette and vielle; France ~ Auvergne; "La Caille" (cabrette solo, bouree) "Lo Crozado" (bouree) "Lo Louiso" (vielle solo, bouree); with Arrigo D'Albert on Vielle a Roue (wheel- fiddle) in C; 3:59

24. Gajdy; Serbia; "Horo Dance Tunes"; 1:38

25. Musette du Cour; France; "Menuet in G Major" "Menuet in G Minor"; composer, E.P.Chedeville (1696 - 1762); 1:23

26. Zukra and drums; Tunisia; "Taksim" "Aalejee" (in 6/8) "Beledi" (in 4/4); with David Brown and Barbara Solomon on hand-drums; 2:27

27. Diple; Croatia ~ Dalmatian Coast; "Improvisation" "Olibski Tanac" (dance); 2:01

28. Lowland Scots (Northumbrian Half-Long); Scottish-English Border; "Buttered Peas" (reel) "Because He Was A Bonnie Lad" (reel) "The Lass And The Money Are All My Own" (jig); vocals, Sean Folsom; 1:21

29. Koza (Zakopane Koza); Poland ~ Zakopane; "Two Goral Dances"; 1:28

30. Gran Zampogna; Italy ~ Campagna; "Tu Scende Della Stella" (carol) "Tarantella Di Giovani Lo Zampognaro"; this is the very large bagpipe on the album cover; 1:52

~ Total Time: 61 minutes and 23 seconds ~

Note that the track numbers above correspond to the numbers of the 30 pages, each with one bagpipe, that comprise the main section of this website. Thus when you have the CD, you can simply refer to the track number to view the details of the corresponding bagpipe on this site.

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