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The Universe of Bagpipes

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New: There is now a complete outline-style linked site map here; for casual browsing, use the menus at the page bottoms.

1. This site is ideally viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 with the browser's fonts set medium-smallish (set via the "view" menu). Lower resolutions and/or larger fonts may result in cosmetic but not (hopefully) functional changes.
2. This site contains a large number of photographs, most in .jpg format. Many of them are between 30K and 50K in size - some larger and some smaller - and many pages contain between 3 and 5 of them. Thus, depending on your connection to this site, some pages will take a little time to load. Please be patient - we think you'll find it worthwhile.
3. Some of the pages linked from the thirty bagpipes on the front page include sound files; on the front page, these are indicated by a little yellow treble-clef symbol. The seven sound clips presently found here are each offered in three formats - MP3, WAV and Real Audio. They are short, at about 15 seconds. We suggest listening first to the MP3 files. The Real Audio files should download fairly quickly, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired. The .wav files are full stereo CD quality and thus are quite large - around 2.5 megabytes. If you have decent speakers connected to your computer you might consider the .wav files - otherwise, you're probably wasting time downloading them.

NOTE: I'm getting a few reports of inability to play the Real Audio files; in each instance so far, the problem has been that the visitor's player was either an antique or missing altogether. Click here to go the the download page of the Real Audio web site, where you will find the latest version of the free Real Player. Use your browser's "back" button to return here. If you don't want to do this just now, the main address is www.realaudio.com.

4. We are very anxious that the information presented here be accurate. There is still much that is unknown about the history of bagpipes, those who played them and the music played on them. There are also conflicting opinions about many aspects of these ancient instruments. We welcome all suggestions, corrections, additions, compliments and complaints about the content of these pages. Your comments will be greatly appreciated and will be considered as this site develops.
5. For anyone who may want to add this set of documents to a library or archive: If you don't want to deal with the problems of downloading the entire site, we have it available on CD-ROM. Further information on site.

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